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1Hr 20Min $149

A luxurious, rehydrating and firming face spa for all skin types, this is the ultimate in facials using the power of aroma, chroma (colour) and oxygen therapies all-in-one.
A therapy unique to BEAUBELLE, this skin type-specific treatment infuses hand-blended essential oils, active marine and botanical ingredients with specific color tones and
oxygen at exceptional levels of concentration that have a therapeutic effect and results in products that dramatically enhance skin texture, softness and radiance.
Uniquely fused in one professional treatment package, the Aroma Chroma Oxygenating system comprises of a Power Complex, a Power Activator, a Power Mask and a Power Stimulator. The noninvasive aspect of chromatherapy makes it a perfect venue for treating different skin concerns.
Based on the principle that 20% of vibrations from colours are captured by sight while the other 80% enter the body through skin receptors, the Power Activator bears specific colours that have therapeutic effects on certain skin

Radiant Ruby - RED SYSTEM
Pleasures - Specially designed for mature, dry and devitalised skin, opt for this face spa to revitalize skin texture and encourage skin

Gorgeous Gold – YELLOW SYSTEM
Pleasures – This intensive oxygenation treatment dramatically smoothes and exfoliates a sluggish complexion and is a great
anti-pollution treat for smokers, sun damage, pigmentation and
polluted skins.

Enchanting Emerald – GREEN SYSTEM
Pleasures – Tailored for oily and acne prone skin, the treatment works to deeply refine and condition pores and balance the skin’s natural oils by improving lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Soothing Sapphire – BLUE SYSTEM
Pleasures – Tailored for sensitive and dehydrated skin, this
treatment replenishes the skin with optimum hydration to prevent premature aging signs resulting in a natural, youthful, healthy glow

Red: Stimulating and exciting, increases vitality.
Activates circulation, delays signs of aging, awaken the senses and energizes from head to toe. Recommended for those suffering from paralysis, stiffness in the joints and lethargy.

Yellow: Activating, clarifying and stimulating. Promotes digestion and blood circulation, brightens skin complexion and increases brain activity and creativity.

Green: Calming and stabilizing. Relaxes the entire body,
harmonizes bodily functions, aids in the process of skin renewal, neutralizes acne skin conditions and stabilizes emotions.

Blue: Relaxing and soothing. Restores hydration, reduces blood pressure, tension and stress, relieves pain and tired nerves and soothes the soul.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied (within reason) then we will gladly refund your money or completely redo the service – it’s your choice.
Note: this guarantee doesn’t apply for any cosmetic tattooing procedures.