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BODY Sculpturing


German technology produces preferential fat absorption and removal of fat cells, it is also induces skin tightening through its collagen modulation and due to the above two combined effects, it may also improve the cellulite dimpling of the skin.
Each treatment is guaranteed loss of 1.5 - 8 centimetres, detoxification and boost of energy. ACFR treatment is a pleasant, comfortable, and extremely effective.
The skin tightens gradually as fat get disappeared, resulting in a smooth and tight body contour.
ACFRadio-frequency Machine can reach 12.5cm into muscles. It can produce a biological thermal effect (controlled heating of the fat) on subcutaneous fat, muscle fat, fat of mixed type, internal hidden fat (such as fat liver), peritoneum network fat, abdominal plate fat.
ACFRadio-frequency machine can produce a biological thermal effect on deep fat which may be softened, shrunk, burned off and decomposed.
At the same time, machine increases the temperature in the deep tissues and activate lymph nodes and accelerate lymph flow. It’ll promote blood circulation, increase production
of immunocyte and antibody.

1Hr Treatment $159 (one aria) 
90 Min Treatment $249 (two arias)

Ask about the package deal


This slenderizing body treatments was developed to reduce the appearance of adipose tissue on one area at a time to flush excess water weight. Due to the heat treatment, you will feel  and see powerful results.

* It is a perfect treatment to combine with other body treatments

Anti - Cellulite Spot Therapy 45 min     From $99
Toning Spot Therapy 45 Min                 From $89
Fat - Burning Spot Therapy 45 Min       From $99
Slendering Spot Therapy 45 Min           From $89


Vacuum Energy with a Infra Red System is designed to achieve body toning by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in the muscle tissue, to increase blood and lymphatic flow & to help body detoxification process.
It feels like a gentle pressure massage.

*Vacuum Energy with IR is a perfect treatment to combine with your choice of Slimming spot therapies.

Single 45 Min Treatment    $80   
Single 30 Min Treatment $69

TONE UP WITH TINGLE Non Surgical Breast Lift
or any other part of your body

For those of us who are either faint of heart or have an objection to the principle of cosmetic surgery there are other, non invasive ways of getting a subtle. Microcurrent is a healing and anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the cells of your face and body using a mild electrical current Forget those sticky ab-pads; this treatment doesn’t work by flexing your muscles, but by mimicking your body’s natural frequencies. The aim is to get your cells fully charged, fully functional and glowing with health.
Not only does this give the cells more energy to do things like shed waste products, but it can also help to strengthen the structure of your cells, leaving you with skin that’s more even in colour and texture, firmer and less lined.

The Bust Treatment helps lift, tone and strengthen, muscles around the bust area, and is another alternative to a breast lift implant. 

Single 30 Min Treatment $89
Ask about the package deal

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied (within reason) then we will gladly refund your money or completely redo the service – it’s your choice.
Note: this guarantee doesn’t apply for any cosmetic tattooing procedures.