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Eyelash PERM


Say goodbye to eyelash curlers, and semi-permanently curl your lashes for up to 2 months, in just minutes with our professional Lash Perming service.

The Frame Of Beauty offers the safest, simplest method to effectively and professionally perm your eyelashes.

Open, enhance and beautiful lashes with this comfortable procedure that benefits clients of all ages and needs:

  • Gives an attractive curl to straight lashes
  • Visually 'opens' your eyes
  • Stops lashes pressing against the backs of glasses
  • Removes the need to curl lashes with a heated or clamped lash curler, saving time and effort
  • Enhances penetration and longevity of lash tints when perm performed before a tint service
  • Makes lashes look fuller and enhances the look of all eye shapes

The technique:

Lashes are treated with a special solution, and then wrapped around a mini roller. The perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set. The result may lasts for two to three months. The chemical reaction breaks and reform the bonds of the hair. This reaction, softening the lash's inner structure between the protein chains of the hair. The hair swells, stretches and softens, then is molded around the shape of the perm rod to from a curl.

Our price $60

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied (within reason) then we will gladly refund your money or completely redo the service – it’s your choice.
Note: this guarantee doesn’t apply for any cosmetic tattooing procedures.