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INFUSION Needle Free Mesotherapy

Our skin is composed of three layers:
- The epidermis - an outer, non-vascular layer that serves to regulate water loss from body and preventing the entry of harmful materials. It is constantly exposed to external aggression from which it is protected thanks to its internal renovation mechanism from inside outwards.
- The dermis - a dense inner layer of skin beneath the epidermis comprised of lymph vessels, fibroblasts cells and connective tissue (Collagen and Elastin) that provide skin elasticity and resilience.
- The subcutaneous layer – a bridging layer between the dermis and the underlying body which acts as a shock absorber and heat insulator for our internal organs.
As we age, our skin, and particularly the face, begins to wrinkle as it loses its natural ability to retain moisture and the production of new cells is inhibited causing the dermis to lose elasticity

INFUSION has the capacity to penetrate deeper and infuse a greater amount of ingredients into the skin.

•    Skin rejuvenation
•    Minimizing of fine lines and wrinkles
•    Body sculpting and contour
•    Skin tightening for body and face
•    Face and neck tightening and firming
•    Stretch mark reduction
•    Dark circles under eyes
•    Bags under the eyes
•    Reduction in the appearance of cellulite

•    State-of-the-art Ionwave™ technology delivers optimal permeability
•    Compliments most aesthetic procedures
•    Multiple applications for body and face
•    Can be used on all skin types
•    Safe, effective and clinically proven
•    Hygienic and sterile
•    Pain-free treatments
•    No down time

Infusion™ Ampoules (Face Intensive Hydration, Face Collagen Booster, Face Anti-wrinkle & Lifting, Body LipoELiM™, Body Anti-Stretch, Body Skin Firm)
•    Specifically engineered for use with Infusion™
•    Sterile solution to safely replace injections (deep dermal penetration)
•    Delivered in hygienic, individual one-time use ampoules
•    All-natural ingredients, hypo-allergenic*
•    Specific dosages to ensure efficient treatment

Infusion™ uses proprietary IonWave™ electroporation technology, it has mostly been applied in medical or research facilities to infuse ingredients and drugs into the DNA or within the cell.
Now the Dermal Profession has access to this modality which will transform your treatments and supersede the results.

30 min Treatment:
•    Double Cleanse
•    Exfoliation
•    INFUSION with Ampoule suitable to your skin concerns  

Price for INFUSION™  Electro-mesotherapy FACE procedure $199
BODY from $249
100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied (within reason) then we will gladly refund your money or completely redo the service – it’s your choice.
Note: this guarantee doesn’t apply for any cosmetic tattooing procedures.